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“Keep on Rocking Architect’n in the Free Real World”…eat your heart out Neil Young.

Architecture in the Real World…what a loaded topic given to us by our ring leader Mr. Bob Borson for this go around.  What is this architecture in the real world?  Is it the stuff that populates the pages of publications, which most of the population believes all architects do?  Is it the American face of architecture, whose designs are leaving more and more to the imagination (my opinion), flipping an audience the bird? (If you missed that reference Google Image Frank Gerhy) Or maybe is it what most architects do on a day to day basis?  Maybe it’s none of this is all together.

I am an architect at Cote Renard Architecture a small firm practice.  We are primarily a custom residential firm, we dabble in commercial work when we have the opportunity, for the most part our clients are the end users of our work.  This is our world and our clients generally appreciate what it is that we do…we are so thankful for that.

Architects have a problem – most people don’t know what we do.  Architecture exists in their world, it has to for shelter, for work, for play and so on, but they may not appreciate it as we do.  We live in a profession that is not always relatable.  We go through years and years of schooling, internships and testing to become an architect, but many people don’t know or appreciate that.  This is the “Real” world of Architecture as it exists today and my oh my how we complain.

Do something about it!

I am so thankful to be inspired by small firm architects who are evolving in the world of architecture in an attempt become more relatable.  Architects who are taking interests in business, development, citizenship, building (my favorite) and refocusing their approaches to the profession.  Will it work…who knows, but they are trying.

I created dig Architecture to provide architect led construction management for some of my contemporary projects.  Over the past few years I have had several of my clients come to me and ask that I build their house, finally last fall the right client asked at the right time and an idea I had kicked around for awhile became reality.  dig will evolve and I am confident my approach to my next build project will be different from this one.  This is what I want my Real World of Architecture to be.  Hopefully it helps me to get as many people as possible appreciate what is that I do (one can dream).


HoF – dig Architecture’s First Project

What are you doing in your world of architecture?  Hopefully you are Architect’n Rocking the best way you know how.

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