Client: Withheld
Location: Atlantic Beach, Florida

The site is located in the heart of Atlantic Beach, just a few blocks from the Atlantic Ocean.  Our clients came to us looking for a contemporary / industrial home, their knowledge of architecture inspired us! At its essence the design is two rectangular forms that come together on a tight site. The spaces at the intersection become the public spaces. During the bid phase of the project our clients became disenchanted by builders not understanding the design and trying to talk them into other options, which prompted them to ask us if we would build the house for them. We could not decline this amazing opportunity and quickly got our license to become a residential contractor. We began construction in July of 2015 and one year our first build was complete. We learned so much in that year and are extremely proud of what we designed and built.

  • Project Architect

    Nicholas Renard

  • Builder

    dig Architecture

  • Interiors

    dig Architecture

  • Photagrapher

    Jessie Preza Photography

An amazing project and client, I will always be grateful to be such an important part of this team. It is an honor to say that i designed and built this house.
Nicholas Renard